Mrs. Colleen Roegner



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Colleen Roegner


Midwestern State University at Wichita Falls, Texas-B.S Sociology

University of North Texas-Teaching certificate in grades 1-8 Earth Science

University of Texas at Dallas -Masters in Teaching in science- Earth science

Teaching science since 1995

Other areas:

Gifted and talented trained 

Special education supplemental certification 2008

7-12 grades certified in Life Science July 2016

7-12 grades certified in composite science July 2018

"To Strive, To Seek, and not To Yield"

- Tenneyson



    Roegner Family

    My teaching goal is to help students figure out that science is achievable for everyone and at the same time creating a challenging classroom to help students reach for their own stars and hopefully, to Mars and beyond. Students sometimes need a little inspiration to find that "thing" they  excel at and overcome the weaknesses that hinder them from being successful.


     online textbook- Think central for science fusion
    use the information that is assigned to you for computer
    use at school to sign into the online textbook




  • Chemistry---JANUARY 6, 2021 WEDNESDAY

    UNIT 5: CHEMICAL FORMULA AND NAMING- also includes empirial formula and intro to molar mass. Chap 6 Holt textbook- also some redox intro ( chap 19 sect 1 Holt)

    UNIT 6: CHEMICAL REACTIONS- chapter 7 Holt- includes 4 main types of chemical reactions- balacing equations- more on redox reactions-  this is where we pick up some interesting labs/stations/demo

    UNIT 7: THE GREAT STOICHIOMETRY UNIT- NEED THAT CALCULATOR EVERY DAY- will be using dimensional analysis to calculate Avagradro's number, grams, liters etc.  This is the heavy math part of chemistry- you must stay on your toes and practice the problems to be successful.

    UNIT 8: STOICHIOMETRY WITH THE GAS LAWS- will be discovering Pascal, Charles, Boyles, Gay-Lussac gas laws and continue using stoichiometry rules.


    UNIT 10: THERMODYNAMICS INVOLVING CHEMISTRY- specific heat capacity- 

    UNIT 11: NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY- radiative decay and fusion/fission properties


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