Ms. Mary Brunz

Phone: 903-546-6319


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. -- Texas A&M University-Commerce

Ms. Mary Brunz

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1988, and was able to return to college later to complete my teaching credentials in 2004.  After teaching in Roxton, Texas, for a year, I moved to Indiana and taught for 7 years. I happily returned to Texas to be with my family, which includes my mom, three sons, one daughter-in-law, three adorable grandsons, and two beautiful granddaughers (and I will share pictures if you ask).  I love being a Tomcat and part of the Tom Bean Family!  

I believe all students have the potential to learn.  Our job as educators is to try and help them find that spark which encourages them to explore and learn about their world and themselves.  We push them, we prod them, and in the end, they are "our kids" and we love them all.  (Yes, even you who have tried my patience at times, I love YOU, too!)

In case I haven't told you this lately,
Come on!
I dare you!  No, I double dog dare you! 

I am also extremely excited to be the new sponsor for our Pacesetters Drill Team.  Our team has worked very hard over the summer and will certainly dazzle you at various activities throughout the year.  More information will be posted on the Pacesetters page.


  • GRADING POLICY FROM MY SURVIVAL GUIDE:  Students’ grades in this class could be compared to a bucket, filling with water. All assignments are worth points.  Tests and major projects will be more heavily weighted than daily grades.  Every time a student completes an assignment, they are adding “water to the bucket.”  The fuller the students can get the bucket, the higher their grade will be.  Therefore, not completing work after an absence or work they forgot to do for homework leads to no water being placed in the bucket.  If a student is absent, he/she will be allowed two days for each day of absence to make up missed work.  Students who are present at school and fail to turn in assignments will be eligible to earn a maximum of 70 points if the work is completed within two days.  No assignments will be accepted more than 10 days late unless there has been an emergency situation in the student’s life which resulted in an absence verified with the high school office.  Therefore, completing work that was not completed for homework will add water to the bucket.  It will not add as much water as completing the assignment on time would have added, but it is still adding something. 

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  • If you are not signed up for your class' Remind service, please do so ASAP.  You can link this to come to your email if you do not have a phone or texting available.  Parents are very much encouraged to sign up so that they can also remind you of your deadlines (and you earn extra credit if your parent is also signed up).

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  • I am asking all parents to agree to regularly use Parent Portal to check their child’s grades and missing assignments.  This enables the teacher to spend time teaching and the students to spend time learning, rather than using class time to review what each student is missing.  This will also increase the chances that your student will be accountable for his/her grades on a timely basis.  The information about signing up for Parent Portal was provided to you at registration.  If you have misplaced this information, please go to the main office of Tom Bean High School and obtain the paperwork.  If you feel it is appropriate, please share the login information with your child so he/she can be accountable for their own grades.

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  • The reason you are given a class syllabus every week is so that you can (1) keep up with your deadlines; (2) see what work you missed (or will miss) in the event of an absence; and (3) help you be more organized for class.  If you have a project due on Friday, you are reminded on Monday as you get the syllabus, and every other day of the week that you review the week's activities (which you SHOULD do every day).  Do not come to class and say "What did we do yesterday?" or "Did we do anything yesterday?" or "I was absent yesterday.  What did we do?" Look at your syllabus first, then come to me for more direction. 

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  • Be sure to turn in your Journals and all Assignments every Friday before you leave campus. Assignments and Journals received late will be graded accordingly.  

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  • EARLY BIRD BONUS:  February 8

    BOOK REVIEWS are due no later than March 5.

    MEMORIZATIONS are due no later than March 7


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Fun Stuff to See and Do

  • This little fellow is Tommy Tomcat.  He was wandering the backroads of Grayson County and looked like he could use a home.  Well, I brought him to Tom Bean High School as he might find the mice we sometimes see at school and chase them outside.  When he finds one, it makes me smile.  So if you see Tommy Tomcat while you are in the halls, give him a smile back!  


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