Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

Ms. Lexie Pittman

I am a first year teacher!! I teach 8th grade ELAR and 6,7,&8 grade Power Reading class. 

I went to Stephen F. Austin State University! GO JACKS!!!!

"The noblest art is that of making others happy" P.T Barnum 

  • I am a first year teacher. With that being said the kids I teach are going to help me grow more than they will know! As a teacher I have a lot of goals I want to achieve. Make sure kids pass my class, make sure kids pass STAAR, and make sure kids are fluent in their reading and writing. Most importantly I want to make sure kids are impacted positively. I want to make sure every kids that enters and leaves my room knows that I care. I care about their life, their learning, and their success. I want to challenge them in their academics and as a person. I want to make my classroom a fun and positive learning room. I want my students to feel safe to fail (because they know failing is okay to be successful) and also feel safe to think outside of the box and question things. I will bring their creative sides  out and hopefully bring some out of their shells. 


  • Positivity Quotes

    Posted by Lexie Pittman on 10/14/2021

    Positivity! We do a daily quote everyday at the begining of class for the first 5-10 minutes. The kids have to respond to the quote. Sometimes I get a "what does this even mean" question, which I honestly love. I love that question because it means it is time to discuss. Most of the time out discussions last a little bit, sometimes they last a while, and other times I talk to myself. All of that is okay with me because the positive quote is sticking in their brains. A week ago I had a student talk about a situation, and her response, when I asked what she thinks she should do, was one of our positive quotes. IT STUCK WITH HER! IT MADE AN IMPACT! That is my goal with these positive quotes is to make an impact small or big just an imapct. Also, I am a very cheesy teacher so I grinned ear to ear!

    We took a quad test this week, which brings a lot of stress and anxiety like any test would for some students. Quotes leading up to this test were about breathing and trusting yourself and confidence and knowing it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. I wanted to build that mindset in my students minds before this "big scary quad". Well they did amazing. They weren't stressed, they weren't worried, but they were successful! I would like to think it is because of the positive quotes we do daily, but either way I am extremly proud of these kids. 

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  • TikTok assignment

    Posted by Lexie Pittman on 10/13/2021

    In my classroom we do things a little different. I have been using technology in my class alot. We did a TIKTOK assignment, where the kids had to make a TikTok and relate it to author's purpose. The creativity that flowed out of the kids was amazing. They put so much effort into a tool that they are using everyday. Every student was engaged in this assignment resulting in my test scores coming back immaculate. Students are using all of these apps everyday, and I thought why not use the apps for positive learning. TikTok was just the start. I want to use the kids tools to relate to them to get them to understand what we are doing in class. The best way for me to teach a kid is to relate the subject to thier life. 

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