Mrs. Colleen Roegner



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Colleen Roegner


Midwestern State University at Wichita Falls, Texas-B.S Sociology

University of North Texas-Teaching certificate in grades 1-8 Earth Science

University of Texas at Dallas -Masters in Teaching in science- Earth science

Teaching science since 1995

Other areas:

Gifted and talented trained 

Special education supplemental certification 2008

7-12 grades certified in Life Science July 2016

7-12 grades certified in composite science July 2018

"To Strive, To Seek, and not To Yield"

- Tenneyson



  • Chemistry- 

    Spring semester 2020 schedule. This semester you really need to brush up on your Algebra math skills- Dimensional anaylsis is big part. Strongly suggest finding a favorite youtube channel /texbook/ helper friend to help you get through this semester. Tyler Dewitt on youtube is one of my favorites for getting through stoichiometry, but there are others you might like better. Find a presenter that works with your style of learning. My style of teaching doesn't work for every student. That is the wonder of Youtube, where you can find so many different teachers. My job is to guide you on your path and inform you of the current Texas curriculum guide and expectation for high school chemistry. Your job is to keep your mind open  and try learn something new and most likely difficult for the first time. How much time and effort you put into learning the material is up to you as I can't  make you see chemistry as a priority, but it is one of the key courses to success in life. You will use chemistry in everything you do from the decision of what medicines you take, the food you eat for your health, the substances you use to clean your home, materials used to make things in your holmes, etc.

    Chemical bonding is topic in January.  Chapter 6 Holt chemistry book. part 1- ionic and covalent bonding using lewis dot method. Discuss polar and nonpolar bonds. Part 2 ionic compounds,metallic bonding, Molecular geometry (  VSEPR).

    Next unit: chemical formulas and chemical compounds ( chap 7 Holt ) Empirical vs molecular chemical formulaes.-- Will be working with ratios.

    Next unit: Chemical equations and reactions ( chap 8 Holt)Writing out equations and balancing using law of conservation.- types of chemical reactions- Will include some oxidAtion-reduction reactions ( chap 19).

    Next unit: Stoichiometry (Chap 9 Holt)- This is where you best have reviewed your math skills- dimensional analysis ( conversions). This is considered the hardest part of chemistry, but if you work the problems everyday and stick with it and brush up on your math skills then you will make it through this part. This is the logical part of chemistry and the basis to more advanced chemistry courses. It is the main survival necessity for any college chemistry class. This is the part about how much and which chemicals can be bonded and where you as the chemistry ALWAYS know the outcome as there should be no surprises. There are no freak accidents in chemistry as this is not the movies.

    Next unit: Gas laws ( chapter 11- Holt)  will learn about Boyles, charles, Gay-Lussac gas laws and pressure. ( This topic  overlap into physics)

    last Unit: Acids and bases ( chap 14 - Holt) Bronste- Lowry acid/base and some reactions. PH labs. Conjugate pairs.


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  • quad 2 test is 10/29 tuesday

    Students have jumped and thrown balls up into the air to find distance using the free fall kinematics formulaes. We have worked several problems and discussed how basketball  players use " hang time" to their advantage. We are finished with kinematics 1-d linear movement.

    Next, unit is Newton's laws of motion. Hopefully the Ag department will have some awesome water bottle launchers made soon and students can figure out the force and acceleration it takes to launch rockets. We will discuss how the laws of motion affect everyday objects such as cars and athletes on the playing field/court. 

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  • Chapter 3 test on the Brain will be on Tuesday  10/29/19- Know diagram of the brain and its main functions. Know how dopamines or lack of them causes some physical and mental diseases. Know how endocrine system affects hormonal balances and functions of parts of the brain.

    Next unit will be chapter 5 Consciousness.



    Pyschology semester class

    August 15, 2019

    Welcome back to school. Pyschology class delves into the history of pyschology, hierarchy of needs, stimulation/response, and how the brain works and responds to its environment.  We will have research and presentation projects( yes, there is an expectation of speaking in front of your peers) and positive class discussions of current topics. This is a social science topic so  we will still use the scientific method and protocols to look at and decipher research in the field. This is considered an upper level course so there is an expectation  that students will perform  with greater thought and reflection. You will be expected to take notes over the material presented and listen/talk graciously to others.


     Notebook of your choice- Will pick it up and grade it so don't mix it up with another subject.

    Folder to hold handouts/readings- If using a ring-notebook will need some dividers.

    pens and pencils of your choosing


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