Mrs. Colleen Roegner



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Colleen Roegner


Midwestern State University at Wichita Falls, Texas-B.S Sociology

University of North Texas-Teaching certificate in grades 1-8 Earth Science

University of Texas at Dallas -Masters in Teaching in science- Earth science

Teaching science since 1995

Other areas:

Gifted and talented trained 

Special education supplemental certification 2008

7-12 grades certified in Life Science July 2016

7-12 grades certified in composite science July 2018

"To Strive, To Seek, and not To Yield"

- Tenneyson



  • Chemistry- We will try our best with homebound lessons using packets. I will try and post some online materials for those who prefer that choice with no penalty for those who choose the packet material. The first week March 23-27 I will follow email/pick up packets and then we will see where it goes. Stay strong, Stay smart. Don't forget that the high school science textbooks have always been online. See link to bottom left for think central link or try http://my.hrw     login : tb and your 4 digit student id# and password: Tomcat_1   Also, Join Remind.

    I am physically assigned to be at the high school Tues/Thur 8am-12am if students to need to call/email/remind for any help on assigned work.

    Topics for rest of school year

    Next unit: Stoichiometry (Chap 9 Holt)- This is where you best have reviewed your math skills- dimensional analysis ( conversions). This is considered the hardest part of chemistry, but if you work the problems everyday and stick with it and brush up on your math skills then you will make it through this part. This is the logical part of chemistry and the basis to more advanced chemistry courses. It is the main survival necessity for any college chemistry class. This is the part about how much and which chemicals can be bonded and where you as the chemistry ALWAYS know the outcome as there should be no surprises. There are no freak accidents in chemistry as this is not the movies.

    Next unit: Gas laws ( chapter 11- Holt)  will learn about Boyles, charles, Gay-Lussac gas laws and pressure. ( This topic  overlap into physics)

    last Unit: Acids and bases ( chap 14 - Holt) Bronste- Lowry acid/base and some reactions. PH labs. Conjugate pairs.


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  •  +++Principles of technology-physics+++

    Starting week March 23-27, 2020 lessons will be emailed or packet pick up On Monday 8am-4pm. All work is due the Next Monday. YOU will have to be a self-starter and establish a time to do homework each day.   I do have some online work from Nearpod but it is no penalty if you do not do the online work. It's an option for those who learn better online. This first week I will use the packet /email method and then go from there. Stay strong, stay smart.   Join Remind. Don't forget that the Holt science textbook is online.{  user name: tb and 4 digit student id# and password is Tomcats_1} or try the thinkcentral link at bottom left side of website.

    I will physically be at the high school Tues and Thur 8am- 12am if needed with any help on work packets.

    The units for the rest of school year.

    unit: waves and vibrationss: light vs sound

    Unit: magnetism

    Unit electricity

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  • sociology:

    As of March 23, 2020 a packet of work will be sent out either through email or pick up. The contents of the packet will be completed and returned by the next following Monday for teacher to review and access. The event of the Coronus-19 virus has provided an opportunity to look at the sociological impact on society. Why did people start hording toilet paper? How has attitudes toward those of Asian ancestry  been affected? What is the economical impact on equal opportunities for people of different classes? Will there be an academic gap?  How have the elderly been affected. ETC. 

    Remember the textbook has been online all year. Check out http://my.hrw   login : tb and 4 digits student id# and password is Tomcats_1


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