Mrs. Colleen Roegner



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Colleen Roegner


Midwestern State University at Wichita Falls, Texas-B.S Sociology

University of North Texas-Teaching certificate in grades 1-8 Earth Science

University of Texas at Dallas -Masters in Teaching in science- Earth science

Teaching science since 1995

Other areas:

Gifted and talented trained 

Special education supplemental certification 2008

7-12 grades certified in Life Science July 2016

7-12 grades certified in composite science July 2018

"To Strive, To Seek, and not To Yield"

- Tenneyson



  • Chemistry- 

     August 15th 2019

    Welcome back to school. Syllubus will be given out at start of school. Lab safety and overview of procedures is always first. Make sure the lab safety sheet is signed by parents and students and turned into Mrs. Roegner ASAP so we can start activities. ( Hint: put your signature it and handwrite the name clearly. Let's have fun and explore in science, but SAFETY is never a joke. 

    Supplies:-1.  2-4 glue sticks ( more is always necessary)

                -2. You own scientific calculator- This is your choice- There are $8.00 Casio or Ti30 xs- at walmart. Needs to be able to do scientific notation                    and powers- Can't use cell phone onTests./quizzes. There are only 6-8 class calculators.

                -3.  I am going to break from tradition using the composition notebooks as I learned they don't work well in a high school science setting and

                      go with an 1 1/2 to 2 inch ringed notebook that will need to hold lab reports/ homework handouts/work practice sheets/ class notes etc.

                       You will need some dividers and maybe some pocket type dividers to hold your old tests/quizzes and or  other smaller handouts.  You

                      will need a least  one package of wide ruled notebook paper. Hint: the paper with the extra fortified precut notebook holes is best so

                      papers don't easily rip out of the notebook ( might buy the paper rings used to strengthen notebook paper in a binder. The Notebook

                     will still be a grade in class. Will explain setup and grading policy of notebook when school starts.

                 - 4.  pens and pencils of your choosing- a red pen would be helpful 

                  -5. Extras that students can keep with them for their own sanity: extra pair of scissors ( classroom scissors always disappear or break),

                       colored map pencils- clear transparent tape, glue sticks, paper clips, highlighters- at least two different colors.

    Flinn lab safety contract

    PS.  Always need some paper  towels, box of tissues, dry erase markers, extra glue sticks. Will be needing some liquid elmers type glue later in year if you want to bring some in now while schools supplies are cheap.

    Extra credit points given if you bring in some of the previously mentioned wish list items.

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  • August 15, 2019

    Welcome back  to school.  Principles of technology is a CTE class that is designed to cover the main concepts of high school physics but less heavy math problems and more about using technology interfacing with the labs. It is more of a conceptual base physics.  You will still need Algebra based math skills with a little Geometry mixed in. Yes, it is an upper level science course so you will be doing some challenging work, but everything is possible with a good attitude and effort. 

    Please sign and handwrite clearly your name and parents name on the lab safety contract. Please turn in lab contract to Mrs. Roegner ASAP. Science lab in and  outside the classroom should be fun but safety is never a joke.

    Flinn scientific lab safety contract


    1. need glue sticks 2-4 would be nice, but more is better

    2.  Need a 1 1/2 to 2 inch ringed notebook with divders. Might also include some pocket type dividers to store smaller items, and at least one package of wide ruled notebook paper. You might invest in the notebook paper that has reinforced rings or buy the white reinforced paper rings so papers  don't rip out of the notebook. I am not going to use the standard composition notebook because I found out it doesn't work well in high school science setting. The Notebook is still a grade. I will show you how to set it up and grading policy on it when school starts.

    3. pens and pencils of your choosing- a red pen would be nice

    4. Need a personal scientific calculator of your choice. - Needs to be able to do scientific notationa and exponential powers. There are some $8.00 Ti 30  or Casio calculators that will work. Remember there are no cell phones used on tests/quizzes and the classroom only has 6-8 calculators.

    5. For your sanity and well- being you might keep these items with you: map pencils, scissors, paperclips, highlighters, clear transparent tape


    PS. Always need paper towels or box of tissues for classroom. Always need dry erase markers, too. I will be needing some liquid elmers glue later in the year if you want bring that now while school supplies are cheaper.

    Extra credit if you bring some into class.

    There may be some extra cost depending on type of projects selected but it shouldn't be anything major.

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  • Pyschology semester class

    August 15, 2019

    Welcome back to school. Pyschology class delves into the history of pyschology, hierarchy of needs, stimulation/response, and how the brain works and responds to its environment.  We will have research and presentation projects( yes, there is an expectation of speaking in front of your peers) and positive class discussions of current topics. This is a social science topic so  we will still use the scientific method and protocols to look at and decipher research in the field. This is considered an upper level course so there is an expectation  that students will perform  with greater thought and reflection. You will be expected to take notes over the material presented and listen/talk graciously to others.


     Notebook of your choice- Will pick it up and grade it so don't mix it up with another subject.

    Folder to hold handouts/readings- If using a ring-notebook will need some dividers.

    pens and pencils of your choosing


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