New Opportunity for Dual Credit Students

Posted by Kelly Lusk on 12/20/2017

At Monday night’s school board meeting, our school board took a step that will give our students and parents a boost. Beginning in the 2017-18 spring semester, Tom Bean ISD will reimburse students $50 if they achieve a passing grade in a college credit or vo-tech course taught as a Dual Credit course at Grayson College through Tom Bean ISD. We feel that this will illustrate to our students and parents that we support them in their efforts to lay a strong foundation as they prepare for their education beyond high school.

We already have many juniors and seniors that attend Grayson College and it is the hope of our Board of Trustees that this will assist them and attract others to give Grayson College a try. Whether it be to pursue an Associate’s Degree, a Vo-tech certificate, or to take college courses with the intent of transferring to a university, it is our belief that Grayson College is an outstanding institution and is the ideal place for our students to begin their post-graduate education.

I wanted to briefly review an outline of the discussion at the Board meeting regarding spending funds in this manner. Tom Bean, like all public schools, receives money from the state and federal government. A substantial amount of this money must be targeted, or spent, in a way that satisfies the requirements of receiving this money. As part of our overall funding, Tom Bean receives something known as High School Allotment money from the state of Texas.

Texas Education Code 39.234(a) outlines the programs on which this money may be spent. Programs that expand participation in dual credit enrollment are allowable under this code.

The school has projected that it will receive around $54,000 in High School Allotment money during the 2017-18 school year, which is a little bit more than was received last year.

100% of this money must be spent on activities and programs designated under the HS Allotment code. Therefore, since the school had an excess of funds that were not budgeted, the school board made the decision to spend these dollars in an attempt to promote the expansion of dual credit opportunities for students.

This truly is an opportunity for our students to explore options beyond high school. Currently, we have four dual credit courses that qualify under this program but we hope to offer more options in the 2018-19 school year.

Please have your high school students check with our high school counselor for specific requirements and guidelines.