A-F Ratings

Posted by Kelly Lusk on 8/23/2019

August 23, 2019 – Relating to A-F Ratings release by TEA.

We are super excited to begin the 2019-20 school year on such a positive note.  The District is coming off of one of the most successful years in school history, and we have welcomed over 600 students for whom we care and respect.

The state released the A-F ratings last week and our district rating improved as much as any in the state of Texas.  Our elementary school achieved the only "A" rating in Grayson County.  We are extremely proud of our students, faculty, and staff members that worked so hard to make this recognition a reality, but my thoughts relating to the negative impact that rolling 12,000 indicators into one letter grade to label an entire community have not changed. 

We know that this “B” rating is primarily based on the STAAR test. We will continue to raise the bar each year, but we know that our school is much more than a letter grade.  Our kids excel in many facets that our community acknowledges as well.  We have students that excel in UIL academics, athletics, band, FFA, Robotics, cheer, drill team, National Honor Society, and so much more.  We have kids that graduate and are equipped with workforce skills and experience, as well as graduates that are college and military ready. We teach our kids to be problem solvers. We teach our kids to communicate. We teach our kids to be compassionate.  We teach our kids to give back and to serve.  We teach our kids to lead.  We teach our kids what it means to have backbone. 

We share these state ratings but we want to remind you that these ratings are only a small part of what happens at your local public school.  We believe that the statistical system that has been put in place is very misleading.  We invite you to go to the TEA website, as we did last year, and peruse the 86 page manual that describes how a school receives an “A-F” rating.  A data analyst sitting in an office at TEA cannot recognize nor measure the things that make our school special. Our community recognizes and knows Tom Bean does the things that are important in order to be successful.  We appreciate the confidence and support of those in the community that stand with us.  We are honored to work with the children of Tom Bean who are working towards greatness each day. 

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.