Dress Code

Posted by Kelly Lusk on 2/6/2017

February 6, 2017 – I had several calls last week regarding the dress code, specifically at the high school.  Parents had heard a few different things regarding the dress code so I am going to combine those questions into one response and address them.

            Sweats/Sweatsuits.  I know that multiple teachers have asked Mrs. McCarty to enforce the dress code on a more consistent basis so she and I have discussed this issue since my arrival.  She/we have not changed the dress code in any way.  It is my understanding that sweats/sweatsuits are allowed to be worn by students according to the Tom Bean dress code.  If a teacher informed your child that she could not wear sweats, the teacher was mistaken.  If your child heard this from other sources, they were mistaken.  

Ponytails.  The dress code does state that ponytails MAY be considered a distraction.  It leaves the interpretation of this up to the principal of the campus.  Personally, I don't know that I've ever seen a girl’s ponytail be a distraction deserving of the hair being cut off, but I do know it could be a possibility.  For example, an elementary student that continually wiggles/wags her head to hit students with her hair while in line or flips it into another student's tray at lunch.  I have seen students do this but once corrected by the teacher, they have stopped.  If there were continual problems, it could be a possibility that the principal would ask the parent to shorten the hair.  Once again, I've never seen that happen but I suppose that it could.

Since there has been a lot of misinformation floating around the high school, Mrs. McCarty had already planned to address the dress code issue with students.  I am sure she will meet with the students very soon.  Our goal is not to change the dress code but just to enforce it on a consistent basis so student dress is not a distraction in the classroom.