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Mr. Lusk Announces Retirement

At the December 5, 2022 School Board meeting, the Tom Bean ISD Board of Trustees voted to accept Superintendent Kelly Lusk's voluntary intention to retire from the District effective August 31, 2023. 


Mr. Lusk announced his plans to retire in order to give the Board the opportunity to plan for the transition of leadership to employ another person to take over the position of Superintendent of Schools. 


The Board will name an interim superintendent soon.  Beginning February 1 Mr. Lusk will serve in the position of Superintendent Emeritus.  In this role he will work to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and will serve as an advisor to the interim/new superintendent through August 31, 2022.


Mr. Lusk made a public statement of thanks at the Board meeting.  It read in part, "We have made great strides in my time here.  I give all of the credit to the administration, teachers and staff of this district.  There are so many wonderful people working at this school.  Words cannot express the gratitude my family and I have for this District as they stood beside me the last six years, especially the support I received during my recent illness.  I will forever be in debt to the Tom Bean community. I believe that we have continued to build on the great tradition of Tom Bean schools.  The District is poised to reach great things.  God Bless."



Superintendent’s Blog

This post has been designed to answer questions that the community may have regarding school related issues.  If you have a question about school operations; policy, budget, future plans or anything similar that you would like to see answered in a public forum, you may mail, email or call me with your question.  If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please make that request.

Although there is no such thing as a bad question, certain questions may not be addressed, specifically questions that deal with individual students or individual personnel.  It would be unethical to discuss these topics in a public forum.  These are also considered to be confidential topics according to state law.

Gossip and hearsay are damaging to our school.  It is my hope that this “blog” will address some of the rumors that are typical in every community and that it will set the facts straight.  We don’t claim to be perfect but we do make every effort to be open and honest regarding our school business.  My hope is that this “blog” can prevent us from getting sidetracked so we can stay focused on our mission of educating our students.

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