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Vendor Request


In accordance with Education Code Section 44.031 the Tom Bean Independent School District anticipates purchasing the following categories of personal property valued at $50,000 or more during the current fiscal school year; instructional/classroom materials, educational software, office equipment and supplies, repair services and supplies, food and food service supplies and equipment, janitorial supplies and equipment, building and grounds supplies and equipment, cheerleader/athletic uniforms, equipment and supplies, agricultural/horticultural equipment and supplies, musical instrument, equipment and supplies, computer equipment and supplies, services on small equipment, electrical and telephones, and vehicle fuel.

While the District uses the State adopted cooperative purchasing process for some of our purchases, we would like to invite any interested vendors to solicit our business for any, or all, of the listed items.  The District reserves the right to accept, or reject, any or all bids.  Vendors should contact the Tom Bean Independent School District Business Office to be placed on the vendor list.  Tom Bean ISD, Attn: Jennifer Parrish, Business Manager, PO Box 128, Tom Bean, Texas 75489. (e-mail address:, fax number 903-546-6104)